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About Us

Samudra - A Sanskrit word  ('sam - together' and 'udra - water') means ocean or gathering of waters. Here at Samudra wellness retreat, our approach to healthy living is a little different.

We are a fun and elite group of certified doctors, adventure enthusiasts, and certified surf instructors altogether who have set up an amazing 'Wellness & Adventure Retreat' in one of the most beautiful places in India.

We are situated on the Southern-West coast of Karnataka, India. A beautiful paradise with an abundance of coconut trees and clean waters. Here, we offer many different programs to start you off with basic cleansing and relaxing to getting physically fit and staying active and rejuvenated.

Our programs aren't just about wellness, they are about connecting oneself with nature and to the healing element of nature. Water - in its most natural and expansive form, the ocean!

We offer several adventure activities like surfing, kayaking, stand up paddling, and many more to keep you engaged and active throughout your stay here with us.

Our Team



Dr. Arjun.H.Achar

Dr.Arjun received his Bachelors degree in Naturopathy and yoga from Rajiv Gandhi University, further he specialized in the field of Acupuncture. He believes in the core principles of naturopathy for a healthy living.Off profession he is an adventure enthusiast. Having known surfing and other sister sports he indulge in many other adventure oriented programs. His ideology revolves around the plastic free water bodies and beaches.


Dr. Meghashree.K

Dr. Meghashree has also been a dedicated naturopath by heart, obtained her degree from Rajiv Gandhi University.Her expertise being in the subject of yoga has her special skill in treating musculoskeletal conditions.She also does chakra healing,distant healing and many more after being professionally certified as a Pranic Healer.Offbeat she has always been a nature enthusiast. She believe that spending time with plants and trees are the best way to curb anxiety and depression.


Gaura Nataraj

Gaura has been practicing/teaching yoga and healthy living for almost two decades now. He spent a lot of his years in an ashram and practiced minimal living and meditation. Along with this, he is also and avid surfer and water sports enthusiast.