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Flatwater kayaking is one of the most peaceful and recreational activities. We are situated right next to a beautiful river. Learning to kayak can be one of the most fun activities to relieve stress or to just have fun in the water. You can go on a kayak for exercise or to just enjoy nature and be free from your daily routine.

We are situated right on the Shambhavi River that flows down from the Western Ghats and merges with the Arabian Sea on the west coast of Karnataka, and we are lucky to be situated at the merging point. Witness the beautiful backwaters of the Shambahvi River in Mulki near Mangalore while you kayak around Nadikudru island. The river rides on the kayaks are complemented by the pristine scenery with beautiful mangrove forests, colorful wildlife, and coconut plantations on either side of the river.

Kayaking has to be fun and safe. Well, that's the reason why we take safety very very seriously. We provide life jackets and an instructor is constantly there with you carrying a first aid kit and making sure that you are having a safe and fun experience.