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Cycling is another fun outdoor activity that we offer. The coastal town of Mulki is quite scenic along the backwaters and the beach. Early in the morning and late evenings are the best time to go cycling.

We offer three kinds of guided cycling tours.

Coastal Cycling Tours

The towns of Coastal Karnataka are probably the most interesting. The culture, people, festivals, all these make this part of Karnataka both beautiful and intriguing. Which is why our cycling tours around these places are worthwhile. We have all kinds of cycling tours :

  • Do you want to just go around the town and have a look at the beautiful lifestyle of people? Checked.
  • Would you like to visit some old beautiful temples with amazing history and know more about the culture of the place you are in? Checked.
  • How about going to festivals and watch the town’s exclusive cultural activities? Checked.

We don’t just offer you rides, but an in-depth tour of the places you visit. You will hear about and experience the historical and cultural background of the places we take you to. Experience the glory of India and feel part of it!

Beach Cycling Tours

We are situated very close to a beach near Mangalore, on the west coast of Karnataka. In other words, we get some of the most beautiful sunsets anywhere. To top that, the towns around these beaches are paradise! The culture, people, food, and the entire atmosphere feels surreal. There is no better way to explore these places than cycling.

In this cycling tour, we go through two beautiful villages where you get to see backwaters of two rivers - Nandini and Shambhavi and their merging point at the ocean. You get to see a lot of coastal lifestyles, amazing scenery, and finally the beautiful beach of Sasihithlu that is well maintained by the locals. You can have your refreshments there, enjoy the sunset and head back before dark. The total ride is about 20kms and there are barely any uphills. So your ride is guaranteed to be relaxing and rejuvenating.

Adventure Cycling Tours

There is no Mountain Trail Biking (MTB) without dirt! There is no shortage of off-road trails and for all you MTB enthusiasts who want to shred some trails, this is where you can find your paradise. We organize some kick-ass cycling tours where we have amazing trails and pure off-road trails curated by mother nature herself. And what more? Not only can you just go cycling, but you can also have the joy of swimming in the backwaters after the exerting ride.