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Stand up paddling (SUP) has become one of the favorite activities among surfers and water enthusiasts alike. It’s a great exercise that builds your stamina, works your core muscles, and helps a lot with balancing.

It could be called an immediate cousin of surfing as it uses a similar kind of board. Only in this, you have a paddle and it can be done in rivers as well as in the ocean.

River Shambhavi, located on the west coast Karnataka is quite mellow and is a great location to learn SUP. There are no rocks to worry about or very heavy current to drift you too far while learning. On top of that, it has a great view.

Whether you choose to paddle around the Island or you choose to paddle to the beach, you will not be disappointed. You will find yourself hooked to SUP from the very stroke as you paddle around Nadigudri island.

The adventure is complemented by the pristine scenery with beautiful mangrove forests, coconut plantations, and colorful wild birds on either side of the river.